make your own adventure

An NFT project with actual utility. Vandra provides you with exclusive access to Airstream Mercedes Class B Camping vans stocked with your choice of food and gear for your next awe-inspiring adventure. Mint an Adventure token for a 3 day trip of your choice in New England, to disconnect from the mundane and explore.

What's it about

Vandra offers curated experiences across New England and Upstate New York to unlock the beauty of nature and provide a refreshing break from the pull of daily connectivity and it’s mind-numbing routine.

Transforming the typical getaway into a luxury white glove experience allowing you to disconnect, recharge, and gain new perspectives on life and nature. Choose from one of Vandra's hand-selected experiences or simply book your Class B camper for a time to craft your own adventure.

Fleet Experience

There are two ways to experience the Vandra fleet.


Curated Experiences

Choose from a list of adventures which include itinerary, gear, food, and camping locations so all you have to do is arrive to escape.


Make Your Own Adventure

Simply book the Camper Van and head off to your own adventure (2 night minimum)

Curated Experiences include...

  • Scenic Hiking in the Catskills
  • The Best Golfing in New England
  • New England Fall Foliage Escape
  • Biking the Empire State Trail
  • Beach Camping Rhode Island
  • Magic Mountain Skiing in Vermont
  • The Waterfalls of New Hampshire
  • Jaw Dropping Hikes in Connecticut
  • Snowshoeing Through Vermont
  • Skiing the Poconos
  • Mountain Biking the Catskills
  • The Beautiful State Parks of Vermont

Many more to come...

How To Access

Vandra can be accessed across the tri-state area. All trips are designed to be within a 1-3 hour drive from NYC. You choose your pickup location accessible across the Metro North Railroad so even if you don't have a car you can easily access your adventure.

Pre-Determined Pickup locations

  • Harlem - 125th St. MNR Station
  • Brewster, NY MNR Station
  • Stamford, CT MNR station
  • Redding, CT MNR Station
  • Bridgeport, CT MNR Station
  • Custom location (TBD)

NFT Tokens

Vandra travel reservations will only be accessible to token holders via a public, NFT launch. There will be two purchasable tokens:


(60x available)

  • One full Vandra curated experience
  • Includes 2 night, 3 day trip of token holders' choice
  • To be booked within 18 months of mint
  • Access to the Vandra community
  • Free access to the curated trip itineraries for personal use outside of Vandra
  • Input and direction on the future of Vandra and the offered adventures
  • Access to exclusive discounts curated by the Vandra team
  • 30% Discount on future bookings of the Vandra camper van fleet and curated experiences


(1,000x available)

  • 15% Discount on future bookings of the Vandra camper van fleet and curated experiences
  • Access to the Vandra community
  • Input and direction on the future of Vandra and the offered adventures
  • Free access to the curated trip itineraries for personal use outside of Vandra
  • Access to exclusive discounts curated by the Vandra team

For each curated trip booked through Vandra you will be airdropped an NFT exclusive to that trip.


  • NFT pre-sale

    April 21st

  • Mint (Launch)

    April 22nd

  • Build the fleet & experiences

    Spring 2022

  • Initial Trips to be booked

    Summer 2022


When booking Vandra you will have access to a detailed walk-through of proper vehicle operation, safety features, camping 101, vehicle GPS tracking, AAA roadside assistance, and third-party liability insurance.

Questions: Drop us a line at [email protected].


  • Jon Shanahan


    Jon is a serial entrepreneur and builder. As an Eagle Scout he’s been passionate for exploration his whole life. With experience in tech and marketing including Apple, building the YouTube channel The Kavalier, and more recently known across TikTok for his mustache as the co-founder of Stryx: a men’s cosmetics brand now available at Nordstrom and nationwide in Target. Jon wants to bring his passion for the outdoors and curation experiences from YouTube and TikTok to build the ultimate travel experience at the intersection of Web3 and IRL.

  • Ryan Kulp


    Ryan is the founder of and co owner of Fork Equity, a micro private equity fund with several apps and courses in its portfolio. Since the explosion of NFTs, Ryan has been the developer for over 10 projects at indie web3 agency

  • Seyoung Han


    Seyoung is a seasoned NFT artist behind multiple PFP, generative, and hand drawn collections. From small curations like Gimbap, to the sold out Seoul Metro NFT, Seyoung's art style is ever changing to fit the voice of each project. She has a double major in industrial and mechanical design from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.


What is the easiest way to describe this project?
If you have this NFT you can take a weekend trip in an Airstream camper van.

What is the goal of the community?
The Vandra community will bring together explorers across NYC and New England. Connecting for IRL events and shaping the future trips Vandra has to offer. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the next great outdoor adventure brand.

Can I join the official Discord?
No. Discord and the idea of constant chatter/communication is antithetical to the idea of Vandra. There will be official forums of communication shared starting with Reddit and Twitter.

What is the difference between the Explorer NFTs and Adventurer NFTs?
Both NFTs give access to the community and future discounts. Each Adventurer NFT is redeemable for one trip of their choice at no extra cost. Explorer NFTs have the ability to book a trip and will receive a discount on the trip.

How does an adventurer NFT get redeemed for a trip?
Each Adventurer NFT will have a one-time use for the actual trip. Post-mint there will be an available portal to access benefits and book their trip. The long term value of the adventurer NFT is higher discounts on future trip bookings and partnership perks.

Why does this have to be an NFT project?
Launching Vandra via NFTs gives early supporters a unique connection with the community of outdoor enthusiasts where membership can lead to unique perks facilitated by the tokenization of membership. We're excited to offer custom NFTs as an airdrop for every unique trip taken as a way to track your adventures on the blockchain and private access to partnerships with outdoor brands.

Which tokens and chain is Vandra minted on?

Why only 60 available Adventurer tokens?
The key aspect of delivering on Vandra’s utility is booking actual trips. Each trip is a fixed amount of time the camper van will be used and the goal is to book those experiences within 18 months of the mint. 60 trips is the best current estimate we can deliver in that timeframe. Explorers will have the ability to book trips as well but Adventurers have first priority.

When will the project be considered a “success”?
When every Adventurer NFT holder books and experiences their trip.

What is considered a “Trip”?
A 3 day, 2 night experience which includes the promised amenities of itinerary, food, and basic gear. Pickup at the listed predetermined locations around NYC. It does not include flights to/from the New York area. Please take this into consideration if you are outside of New England.

Will Vandra be available outside of NYC?
Vandra is very focused right now on creating the best experience across upstate NY and New England right now but more regions are always in the cards.

Does the location depicted in the NFT I hold determine the trip I take?
No. The NFTs are collectable as their own unique piece but the adventures you take will be chosen separately from the NFT art.

Is Vandra a DAO?
No. Vandra is a community of outdoor enthusiasts that want to hit the road now. When I start to see DAOs delivering on promises and have actual legal structures to support their claims then a DAO would be of interest to pursue if that's what the community would be interested in. An original incarnation of this idea was to have fractional ownership of the actual camper vans but current legal and securities laws make this a challenge to pursue today.

Is this project associated with Airstream or Mercedes Benz?
No. Vandra has no direct relationship or association with Mercedes Benz or the Airstream brand. Vandra operates independently as Vandra LLC. No direct relationship yet.

Should I buy this with my diamond hands and HODL so I can be NFT rich?
No. This is a collection for those who want to connect with other explorers around the New England area.

How are you ensuring diversity and inclusion in the project?
20% of the mint is being set aside for underrepresented Web3 users. If you or someone you know would qualify for this, please fill out this form.